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How to apply

I. Application Step by Step

II. What happens after?

III. Have questions?

IV. Admission Requirements

V. General Requirements

Application Step by Step


1. Choose your programme and read the programme description on our website. Each descriptions includes a direct link to the online application platform.


2. Click on Apply Now button in the programme description and sign up for the online application platform.


3. Fill in the online application form, upload the necessary documents and the demo recording. Make sure to pay the application fee.


4. Check your mailbox regularly. The system will remind you to complete the tasks.


What happens after?

After you have submitted your application, your documents are going to be evaluated and you will be invited to take an entrance exam.


6. Pay the entrance exam fee, if applicable, and do your best at the exam.


7. If you are accepted, you will receive our Admission Letter through the system including the tuition fee.

8. Once the tuition fee is credited, your place is reserved at SZTE.

9. In case you need a visa, make sure to arrange an appointment at the Hungarian Consulate or Embassy and present your Admission Letter and the proof of payment of the tuition fee (in most of the cases of SZTE programmes you are asked to pay the first two semesters (one year).


Have questions?


Contact our international coordinator Ms Larisza Sekulic at for further information about the programme.


Admission Requirements


Beside the documents listed in the description, applicants applying for studies in the field of Music need to upload a demo recording. You can find the admission audition requirements here. 


General Requirements


Submit in an online application form, paying application and/or entrance exam fees, uploading documents presenting applicants academic background and the required language proficiency and a general health certificate. And the specific Faculty-based requirements: a motivational letter and a demo recording.

Apply Now!

Before applying, please check and study the programme description of your interest. Each description has its specific paragraph about the application process and a link to the online application platform. Fill in the online application form, upload the necessary documents and check your mailbox regularly.

For more information click here.