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Preparatory year

1 year long instrumental and singing training, which prepares the students for the admission exam of the Performance (BA) program.

  • Period of the training: 2 semesters
  • Application fee: 35 EUR
  • Entrance Exam fee: 100 EUR
  • Tuition fee: 2650 EUR/semester
  • Start of the programme: September of each year
  • Entry requirements:
    • high school examination certificate (with official translation in English language)
    • Document to the certify of the foreign language skills (minimum level: B2): language exam certificate or TOEFL certificate


  1. Preparatory year Piano,
  2. Preparatory year Organ,
  3. Preparatory year Harpsichord,
  4. Preparatory year Harp,
  5. Preparatory year Violin,
  6. Preparatory year Viola,
  7. Preparatory year Cello,
  8. Preparatory year Double bass,
  9. Preparatory year Guitar,
  10. Preparatory year Oboe,
  11. Preparatory year Flute,
  12. Preparatory year Clarinet,
  13. Preparatory year Bassoon,
  14. Preparatory year Recorder,
  15. Preparatory year Trumpet,
  16. Preparatory year French horn,
  17. Preparatory year Trombone,
  18. Preparatory year Tuba,
  19. Preparatory year Percussion,
  20. Preparatory year Singing

Application and admission procedure:

The applicant must submit the completed application form in English language and the copies of the documents about the qualifications and foreign language skills. The applicant also has to submit a demo recording with the performance of the admission audition requirements. If the documents of the applicant are adequate to the entry requirements and if the departmental opinion is positive in virtue of the entrance performance, the applicant will be admitted to theBéla Bartók Faculty of Arts.

How to Apply

For additional information contact:

International Coordinator

Larisza Sekulic
Tel: (+36-62) 544-399
E-mail: international.bbmk@szte.hu

Apply Now!

Before applying, please check and study the programme description of your interest. Each description has its specific paragraph about the application process and a link to the online application platform. Fill in the online application form, upload the necessary documents and check your mailbox regularly.

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