Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Department for Voice

Head of Department:



Dr. Nátyi Róbert


Department Lecturers:

István Andrejcsik - Visiting Lecturer
- Main subject classical solo singing

László Barnák  - Teacher of Music-Performance
- Stage acting

Tamás Bonecz - Visiting Lecturer
- Main subject classical solo singing, Song and lieder repertoire

Edit Dudásné Szécsi - Teacher of Music-Performance

Zsófia Faragó - Teacher of Music-Performance
- Coaching with piano

Gergely Flórián - Teacher of Music-Performance
- Practising operatic roles, Coaching

Zsolt Hamar - Senior Lecturer

Miklós Harazdy - Assistant Lecturer
- Practising operatic roles

Tímea Zita Kecskés-Somogyvári - Visiting Lecturer
- Main subject classical solo singing

Dr. Mariann Ágnes Kerényi - Assistant Lecturer
- Chamber music

Mária Nánai - Visiting Lecturer

Szilvia Rita Rálik - Teacher of Music-Performance
- Main subject classical solo singing

Szilveszter Szélpál - Visiting Lecturer
- Stage acting

Ákos Varga - Visiting Lecturer

Zhang Yu - Teacher of Music-Performance
Coordinator for Chinese Affairs

- Main subject classical solo singing, Methodology

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