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Yan Aoxue about us

We asked Yan Aoxue about her experiences during the time spent at our Institution.

What had encouraged you to come to Hungary, especially to Szeged for your University studies?

I always wanted to see places outside of China, especially Europe, because it is the birthplace of the Bel Canto, and it just so happened that someone I knew was studying over here, so I wanted to come and study as well.


Have the years spent at Bartók Béla Faculty of Arts met your expectations?

I think it far exceeded them, especially in the second year, which I felt was over before I'd had enough. I felt a little disappointed. I have learned a lot and I have found my confidence in singing again as well as a strong interest in it.


How would you describe the years spent at the University of Szeged?

Firstly, I am grateful to have met my tutor Carolyn Zhang, who guided me through the school and helped me to settle in quickly.

In my second year, I had a very strong feeling that I was grateful to have met so many very patient teachers. I am grateful to the teachers for their encouragement and for helping me to find the confidence to sing on stage. I would like to thank the head of the department, dr. prof. Temesi Mária, for making me realise the importance of standing on stage.

I love the atmosphere of the school, the students are very motivated and are working hard to improve their profession, which keeps me motivated to study as well.

I also took part in the first big competition of my life and won second prize.


I was also lucky enough to meet Pitti Katalin in my second year, who made me even more determined to make music my life's work.

Finally, For me, music is companionship and salvation. It has saved me from inferiority and mediocrity and is something I should love for the rest of my life.


What experience could be highlighted as the most memorable for you?

For me, there are two things that I will remember the most.

The first was taking part in the first big solo competition of my life and winning second prize.

The second was singing my favourite Chinese song at school and doing a Chinese dance. I also sang a Hungarian song in a concert. I also sang Hungarian songs in a concert and received a lot of good feedback. I am proud to be Chinese. I am proud that I have promoted the culture of my country.


In addition to this, how would you describe the professional knowledge you acquired at our University?

I also like the singing-related courses here, such as Attila Toronykőy's stage acting course, which has given me a lot of opportunities to sing on stage. I have learnt to make the most of stage resources to interpret opera characters.


Thanks to Gyüdi Sándor I have the opportunity to watch rehearsals at the Szeged Opera House almost every month for a few days, which I have never experienced before. I really value this opportunity!

What do you think to what extent will the knowledge gained here lay the foundation for your professional future?

Of course, I would be firm in my beliefs. I will continue to learn professional knowledge to lay the foundation for what I can do as a teacher in the future.

Would you recommend other foreign students to come and study at the Bartók Béla Faculty of Arts?

Of cause yes! There are lots of friend come from China ask me about the Bartók Béla Faculty of Arts.

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