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UPDATE 10th March 2020: Most Important Measures Concerning the Coronavirus Disease

Crucial information and important measures concerning the coronavirus disease are now available 24/7 via a student information line from the 10th of March at the University of Szeged. Students of the University of Szeged can request information in English and Hungarian via this phone number: +36 70 439 9279.

In order to prevent the further spread of the virus, the Leadership of the University calls the attention of all University citizens to the following preventive and protective measures shall be followed:

  • Pay attention to basic hygiene rules while at work. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap and avoid contact with people already infected.
  • Keep monitoring your general health condition and contact your GP on the phone or via e-mail in case you develop symptoms.

A joint circular issued by the Rector and the Chancellor of the University of Szeged was published on the 26th February 2020 in order to protect the general health of the community of 30,000 university members. Among others, university members shall be exempted from work duties and attending lectures upon the arrival from an area where the spread of the coronavirus is confirmed.


Measures applying to employees

Excursions, short-term visits, missions to the areas mostly affected with the disease (see the list of the areas concerned on the website of the National Public Health Service of Hungary here: currently cannot be ordered nor authorized, and employees arriving back from such areas after 12th February 2020 shall be exempted from work duties for the following 14 days, with an absentee pay for the duration of leave. The reception of invited persons and delegations from the affected areas shall be postponed if possible. Employees working in health and patient care shall refrain from attending conferences and professional events abroad.

Employees working in healthcare, especially in patient care, technical-economic areas and administration are requested to suspend their private journeys abroad and postpone their trip after the end of the epidemiological situation.


Events organized by the University

Concerning the organization of events hosted by the University, a prior authorization of the event shall be requested from the Coronavirus Operative Committee via e-mail at The request shall include the name, venue, type, date, duration and number of prospected participants.


Referral to media

The management of the University emphatically draws attention that the Rector and Chancellor of the University as well as the members of the Coronavirus Operative Committee – Prof. Dr. Csaba Lengyel, President of Albert Szent-Györgyi Health Centre; Prof. Dr. László Kovács, Vice President of Albert Szent-Györgyi Health Centre and Dr. Máté Dömötör, Director General for Legal and Administrative Affairs and Human Resources – are exclusively entitled to publish official statements and to impose any measures.

Concerning students

All students of the University of Szeged were informed by the joint circular issued by the Rector and the Chancellor of the University of Szeged that was published on the 26th February 2020 as well as through a circular sent on Neptun system.

Students who have been in the coronavirus affected areas in the last two weeks – or met a person who visited these territories prior to their meeting in the last two weeks, or live in a common household with such a person – shall refrain from attending lectures, visiting campus and faculty buildings, admission/academic offices, the student service office or any office with face-to-face administration. Given the above the University of Szeged provides for a degree of flexibility in terms of non-attendance, grounded and justified absence will have no effect on their studies. Therefore we kindly ask students to notify the Study Departments of the Faculties by e-mail or telephone of the date of their departure from the affected area and its name. Grounded absence will be considered as justified. All students will be offered the possibility of the fulfillment of their obligations during the academic year.

To receive credible details and be fully informed, the University of Szeged has created a call line for university students which can be contacted 24/7.

Via the +36 70 439 9279 phone number, students can receive information in both English and Hungarian regarding the Coronavirus disease.



Examination of suspected cases

An operative professional group consisting of the colleagues of Albert Szent Györgyi Health Centre and representatives of professions concerned was set up back in January to impose measurements in a timely and the most effective manner. It has been stated that the coronavirus has not appeared yet in Szeged and all suspected cases will be transferred to Szent László Hospital in Budapest as imposed by the National Public Health Service of Hungary. Suspected cases will be isolated at the Department of Infectious Diseases of Albert Szent Györgyi Health Centre and patients with confirmed diagnosis will immediately be transferred to Szent László Hospital. No patient has been tested positive for coronavirus in Szeged so far.

In addition to skilled professionals, all necessary tools and protective equipment are at disposal at Albert Szent Györgyi Health Centre, as essential in the event of a possible increase in infections. The Health Centre is properly equipped to treat and isolate infected patients. An action plan concerning this matter has been elaborated.

The operative group is continuously monitoring recommendations of WHO, the National Public Health Service of Hungary and the Hungarian Government and imposes measurements in accordance with the latest information and on the basis of an epidemiological risk assessment.


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