Thursday, 18 August 2022


Regarding the COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 in Europe, including Hungary as well, has urged the Government of Hungary to declare a state of emergency on the 11th of March and take all necessary precautions to protect the citizens of Hungary, minimize the number of infected people and slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Due to the epidemic, the University of Szeged has switched to distance learning, allowing the students to continue their studies online. Students can access their classes and all the necessary tools to assure that their studies continue as scheduled on CooSpace. Furthermore, the University of Szeged launched a health student hotline on the 10th of March and a chatbot aiming to inform University Students at the SZTE. University students can ask for information in healthcare related issues, both in Hungarian and in English, at +36 62 546 800. To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus disease, the University of Szeged has also introduced important measures regarding employment and special measures regarding SZTE students – you can learn more on our website, under Focus: COVID-19 section.

We are well aware that this situation is hard and may cause challenges in our daily routine as it affects every individual and family across the country and across the world. The University of Szeged is striving to provide all the necessary support to its members and further urges SZTE students to remain patient and calm during the COVID-19 and be responsible with their actions, protect themselves by staying home and avoiding physical contact with others. It is highly important to remain positive and support each other during the epidemic.

We urge our SZTE members to only leave their house if necessary, stay home and do not visit the grocery stores and pharmacies between 9 am and 12 pm (that is the designated shopping time for seniors). In the case that you need to leave your house make sure to avoid touching unnecessary surfaces as well as your face and eyes, wear gloves and wash your hand immediately once you have arrived home. When you are out in public places make sure to keep a distance of one meter and a half away from people who are not within the same household. Rules and regulations announced by the Hungarian Government aim to protect us and minimize spreading the coronavirus. Therefore, it is crucial that we obey the rules in order to protect ourselves and others.

A regularly updated feed of the latest information about coronavirus in Hungary can be accessed via this web page. Via this link, you can make sure to receive accurate news and first-hand information.

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